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Capsule 8

Every Thread Tells a Story

Capsule 8

Transform Your Memories

Capsule 8

Design Your Unique Tote

Designing Memories with Capsule 8

At Capsule 8, we believe in turning moments into everlasting memories through the art of design. From beloved photos to cherished songs, our expert designers transform your favorite moments into stunning line art or full illustrations. Wear your memories with pride, tailored uniquely to you.

Transform Your Memories





Printed Frame

Digital memories

How it works

1 - Choose your Product, Memory Type and Upload your favorite Picture: The memory will either be Simple Art - line art illustrations - or Complex Art - full illustrations
Refer to our FAQ page for additional examples.

2- Placing an Order:
After placing your order, our designers promptly begin their work.

3- Previewing the Design: Within 2-4 days, you'll receive an email presenting your design. Take the necessary time to review it. We provide limitless revision options!

4- Manufacturing & Delivery: Upon approval of your design, we proceed with manufacturing and shipping your order.

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Effortless Ordering

Placing an order with Capsule 8 is a breeze. Simply choose your preferred apparel or accessory, select your memory type and its placement, upload your photos, and complete the process with ease. Your creative journey begins with just a few clicks.

Intuitive Design Preview

Within a short span of 2-4 days, you'll receive an email presenting a sneak peek of your personalized design. Enjoy the convenience of limitless revisions, ensuring your wearable art reflects your memories precisely as you envision them.

Streamlined Manufacturing and Delivery

Once your design receives the green light, Capsule 8 takes charge of the rest. Our streamlined manufacturing process ensures a smooth transition from design approval to the creation of your unique apparel. Sit back and relax as we handle the manufacturing and swift delivery, guaranteeing your custom masterpiece reaches you promptly.

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