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About Us

At Capsule 8, our story began with a journey. After relocating abroad, our passion for creating custom, handmade gifts for our loved ones blossomed into something greater. Thus, Capsule 8 was born, offering custom-made clothing and accessories infused with personal memories.

Our Mission

At Capsule 8, we hold a profound belief in the enduring power of memories and their capacity to transcend time. The symbol '8' embodies the very essence of infinity, symbolizing everlasting moments. Our mission is to empower individuals to encapsulate their most cherished memories, each piece crafted as a personal expression destined to be treasured for a lifetime.

Your Story, Your Style

Capsule 8 is more than just a customization platform; it's a celebration of your unique story. We understand that each memory holds significance, and we are honored to be a part of preserving those moments in a wearable form.

Thank you for choosing Capsule 8 as your partner in transforming memories into art. We look forward to being a part of your journey, helping you wear and share the moments that matter most.